viable aircraft script - movement etc


I need a blend file that has a cube. - wad

the cube should take of like a jet dynamic actor.

The cube should gain velocity quickly then rise at take off speed.

When turn left or right the wings bank. I currently use ipo but its up to you.

When turn left or right AND descending or ascending, then release keys, cube should automatically find its original y and x axis and smoothly and gradually return to horizontal position with the horizon.
(or you may have some excellent pythion script that doesnt even have this problem)

I have such a cube but when i ascend.descend and turn left or right, the y axis gets twisted somehow and the plane flys crooked to the horizon.

I dont need anything special like wind physics etc,

I just need a cube that flys and can bank left or right while ascend/descend without losing its original position (after the keys are released)

Also attach a camera “follow” logic brick not parent the camera, as thats how mine is set up.

I will pay for it if it can be implemented in my game. (paypal)

Thanks so much!

I’m actually working on an aircraft script currently for similar things. It’s main purpose is for 0G space flight but once I get it perfected ( it mostly works now but need to tweak some things) I’ll attempt to implement what you’re requesting.

thanks! Id appreciate it!