Vibrant to dull in .exe?

When i save my games in an exe, the darkened side of objects effected by light becomes pale. this doesn’t effect added objects and replaced meshes. Is there any way to get it to look right in an exe?




select your camera, make sure the FOG (mist?) button is turned off.

Look in the world property’s and make sure the mist is all off, and 0’s in all the fields for the mist.

nice game BTW :slight_smile:
I like the bright colors :smiley:

I’ve had a lot of problems with .exe’s. Are you using Blender Materials? If so, does ‘mipmapping’ work? I ask this because I know it doesn’t work (at least) for some people. This could relate to the problem.

How do you Turn mipmaps off for an exe? I tried it but it didn’t seem to work. I usually have mipmaps off anyways- I like the stile it creates!:wink:

It probably doesn’t seem to work because mipmapping itself doesn’t work in .exe’s.

mipmapping should be turned on by default. You can turn it off in Blender in the “User Preferences” menu. See this for how to use the .exe commands and to make sure: (it’s good to know for troubleshooting):

and this thread for more info on mipmapping (scroll down a little ways) :

The most convenient way I know of to run these .exe commands is to create a .bat file, which I believe I explained in post 11. Very easy.

EDIT: I forgot to add mipmapping doesn’t work in .exe’s IF you’re using Blender Materials. It should, but it doesn’t. I’m not the only one having this problem, but I’ve never confirmed if it is universal or an isolated problem.

Do you have a plane in front of the camera for a fade in alpha effect?

if so try moving it, the alpha in the blender materials is kind of funkey when you port to exe.