Vibraphone, instrument - my first post

Hey everyone, first post here but I’ve been browsing here for months.

I started using Blender in September 2018 and I’m self-taught. I don’t use any paid add-ons and I use Photoshop to do all my texture work using free CC0 textures from online. These are a few renders of a Vibraphone instrument. I textured this using the unwrapped texture method and includes a Diffuse, Roughness and Metalness map only, the UV’s are fairly nicely distributed though some UVs do overlap to maximise on resolution :slight_smile:

I personally love using Roughness maps to add dirt, fingerprints etc and have modelled an Enigma Machine to fully explore that too. I do use Normal maps but as I create all my textures in Photoshop and can’t work out how to Bake in Blender yet, I end up manually making a Height Map and plugging it into a Normal Map program to generate the image.

The site will only let me upload 1 photo so I have also uploaded to Sketchfab -


Nice work there… and welcome to the forums!

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Nice work! Are you a musician?


I’m not a musician, I wish I was that talented lol. I’m a 3D artist full time for an educational company and so I create a wide range of realistic looking models. I have also created a harp, I hope to have some more work uploaded soon, as well as my personal and experimental projects. :slight_smile:

Liam, that sounds like kind of a cool job. You mentioned you’re fairly new to Blender (me too). Did you use some other software before?

I’d be interested to see the vibraphone rendered with an HDRI. It looks pretty real and that might push it over the top. I’d like to see the harp as well as your other work.

For my first Blender project I made this music video to a little jam I recorded:

I’m working on another music video now.


Yeah my job has given me a very privileged position to work on a range of things and develop my skills. Blender is my first time with 3D and I started on the job in September 2018, I’m entirely self-taught from YouTube and this forum as I was the first to start Blender at my job.

I was hoping to get more renders! But I have uploaded to Sketchfab and added an HDRI in there. Rendering out isn’t my strongest point as I mostly work on making assets intended for games/apps and AR and not final image/visualisation stuff.

That’s a really cool concept for a music video! Interestingly enough I’ve had a long passion for music videos too and I’m currently learning animation techniques to start producing my own. Only basic stuff for now. I like weird visuals and something coming off the back of Vaporwave and Synthwave. A friend showed me this music video by Tame Impala which you may find interesting to provide inspiration :slight_smile:

Look forward to see what you produce, I’ll be posting back on here with more renders soon.