Vibroman! **WARNING: Nasty old drawing!!**

Hi all,

cause I’ve retired from the WC’s and still trying to figure out what to do next with Blender, I thought I could show some old stuff I just rediscovered.

Sorry for low quality (this can be interpreted in many ways %| )

These are some of my weirdest characters I ever came up with.

In front we ofcourse have Vibroman, fighter of injustice.

His enemies:
The red one on top is Superslide (a tube of lube).
The purple guy is Don José the Spanish Fly.
The guy with the mask is Ez-Em (aka Ezempia Emporiatiëco).
The lady is BB (short for BlowB#tch).

And last, the guy in gold is Vibroman’s loser-sidekick D#ck Dildo (his actual name is Dave Dildo, but he thought D#ck Dildo would make a better artist name).

Did I already apologize for the low quality?


I don’t mind the low quality. I find this hilarious! So, this is from 1999 (I’m guessing by the signature at the bottom)?

Where’d you get the…ahem…inspiration to draw that?

Yes, 1999. That’s what it says. :smiley:

Hmmm, not sure. Perhaps cause I never got breastfed? You can develope some crazy stuff when you never got the mothermilk the natural way.

now i can feel comfortable for most of the vulgar crap i post on this site, haha, welcome to the club dude.

the characters are hilarious and very very well drawn. i usually dont like the porno style cartoons, but just as a cover goof this is funny. but i dont think i could read a whole comic…is their a whole comic?

again great drawing style. you could go really far with something funny and less offensive, haha, you have the skills and humor down.

also just checked out your gallery, some really great stuff there too, very funny. the frankenstien and dancing food on a plate rocked!!! when can we see some animation with this stuff, if i could ever help out let me know.

Ah, this isn’t even the nastiest, most vulgar piece of art posted here… I recall one powerpuff incident…

But anyway, neat drawing, I like the characters.

Wu - thanks dude. Though I don’t think the pic is vulgar in any way (I’m dutch), I’m glad you like it. :wink:
There’s no comic, but I’m sure I’ve got enough ideas to fill several albums.

A lot of those are my wicked weekend challenge-winning works. But it took a flying vibrator to get your attention? :o

Hippie - like you said, it’s not really nasty and vulgair, but some people could think different. :slight_smile:

Shame… the powerpuff incident seems to be removed. Must’ve been quite something if it got removed by the admin…

If you really want to see it ask Blengine, as he was the one who drew it, if not think about HC cartoon pron and you’ll get the idea of what it really was like. It really did arouse a conversation of what really is approriate and what is not in terms of posting drawings in elYsiun.

of course not…why would you think that…it is perfectly normal…iam sure this kind of stuff is on the back of cereal boxes where you live…hahahahha :smiley:

by the way you have to make a animation using your frankenstien character, even if it is just a bit of dialog, maybe with some boiling test tubes in the background, that image has so much character!