Vicht - 1912

A look at the old church in the little town of Vicht, Germany. The church and the old houses have been demoslished in the 1960s.

Created in Blender 3.2, bell sounds sampled from the new church, water sounds taken from the river.
Music: Mark Petrie - Majestic


Nice work! I love historical buildings and I thoroughly enjoyed watching this video. I could easily see this being part of a museum display, you should contact your local museums and see what they think :slight_smile:

Hi, thank you.
I have built the models with the help of a local historian and I just sent him the link :wink:
I am very excited to learn his opinion.

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This is how it looks like today :frowning: The sand sacks are standing there since the flood destroyed the upper wall one year ago.

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