Victaulic Pipe - Hot Water Diagram

This is ‘Finished’, because it is basically being used as a quick diagram for a small piping job, and serves the purpose well. I needed this rendering to get a fitting count, but mainly to easily explain what is needed to be installed.

A few ink-jet printouts of this with some end-to-end pipe measurements, hand drawn on it, will do fine.

Now, for any of my pipe-fitting (or plumber) friends in the UK, is this the stuff you guys use. All of the pipe here is sold and installed in nominal sized in INCHES, no metrics at all. Victalic brand.

Nice job Spin

off topic: What is the modeled and textured box which you made sometime ago,its in wip, its related to Davinci Code ?

nice work… i really like that orange color on the pipes :slight_smile: nice touch

Thanks. That’s what they look like :stuck_out_tongue:

Perfect. I am on jobsites all the time looking at piping and that is an excellent job. Though the couplings are usually more red than orange.


Very good modeling Spin.

It is the box that houses the “keystone” in the movie Da Vinci Code.
I never finished it.