Victorian book delivery service

Books being delivered by Victorian air balloons to a little library on the hill, this is the predecessor of Amazon. This render is my entry into the CG boost Library challenge. I’m super pleased with my scene, all models are original other than the grass which is a particle system created using Graswald 3d. Thanks for taking the time to view my renders. If you have any C&C feel free to let me know, I would love to hear them to help myself grow further as an artist.
Victorian book delivery service


The colors, lighting and shading looks great (the bright yellow is in places like the rigid of bottom book and to the left of the stairs and collume might be bit much compared to other lighting/colors in the scene), i dig the render… Do find the odd Dutch Angle of the camera alittle weird for a shot like this, but thats just me. Good luck with your entry.


Thanks for your input @SidewaysUpJoe I agree it’s a little hot / blown out in those areas. I’ll try and make some adjustments :sunglasses: Thanks for the well wishes also!