Victorian Character

Hello All,

I’m working on a new project. I feel I’m close to being done with the modeling part and would like some feedback. I’m going for a basil rathbone type character.

Also should I rig him before or after texturing? Any advantages to this order?



the eyes look a wee bit funky (one of them looks like a black eye) and the chin looks a wee bit too thin/short.
you should probably texture before rigging

Very good work!

One thing to note, the knees should be rounded a tad more. I look forward to seeing this textured :smiley:

Looking good so far. Very butler-esque
It doesn’t matter whether you rig or texture first.

Thanks for the feedback!

Also, right now it’s one mesh for the eyes and one mesh for everything else - and that part has a mirror modifier on it - can I rig with that modifier or do I need to apply it and make it permanent before rigging?


The chin has a goatee - it looks a but odd without textures at the moment…I borrowed the eyes from another model as placeholder - not sure if I will use the same style or not for the eyes - any suggestions?


Usually it’s a good idea to apply the mirror modifier before rigging. I have seen people who don’t though.

I think the chin should but a bit more rounded out. Too pointy. And I think it maybe just me but the lower half of his body does not look like its in proportion to the top half. Very good work none the less