Victorian Conception Machine

Victorian Conception Machine.
Modeling was done in blender, sculpting in Zbrush and texturing both.
Render in Cycles. Post-production in Gimp.
Total time spent two weeks in my spare time.
Credits to my college teacher Renato Amorim for tips on lighting.
Hope you like it.:slight_smile:



So that’s how babies are made :slight_smile: Good to see you back my friend, and boy did you come back strong. I love this piece, extremely creative.

The fetus came out unfrigggggin believable …

Thank you Harley.

CC, hey it’s good to see you posting this beautiful project. Really cool stuff. It’s a really visual piece. Great!

Thank you Frobenius. Good to see you here again.:cool:

CC tell me a little about how you textured and modeled the fetus… I’m still amazed at how nice this came out… if I ever need an unborn baby, I’m coming to you :slight_smile:

I also want to complement you on how nice table came out.

I think that machine is nasty, I preffer my Mom but the render is great. It already exist?

Very nice indeed. Well done.

Thanks guys Harley, juanrav, Elsdon

In fact this machine and also this scene is an attempt to bring out the inventive atmosphere of the Victorian era. There are also some steampunk aspects.
The idea was to compare the conflict what was very common at that time: science and religion. So I tried to create a scene in which these two thoughts were antagonistic. The contrast between the green and red (complementary colors), maybe give a hint in this direction.

Hey Harley, the fetus was modeled with ZSpheres and also textured in Zbrush. I used two textures of skin. The uterus was modeled and textured in Blender, using a trasparente png and painting a texture with veins in red, purple and blue on it. As shader I used UniversalShader Fusion that proved to be an excellent option for organic models.
The table and the shelf were modeled in Blender and sculpted and textured in Zbrush. I used the same red wood texture on both.

To save time I created the defocus with gimp but the result was not so pleasant. I’m here right now rendering a new version with 16 hours to render. Argh.
As soon as I finish this new version I’ll post it here again.

I definitely have to buy a new GPU.

Here are the textures and node setup (fetus and furnitures).

After 19 hours of rendering here is another result. Now with light sun beam focusing on the “science side” of the image, offering more substrate to what I did mean. At this time without gimp pos-production. :cool:

The sunbeam adds a nice atmosphere on this latest render… 19 hours … ouch!

Thank you harley!