Victorian Parlor

I’m moving progress on this from my sketchbook to this thread. This is the interior of a Victorian house. The focus will likely be on this octagonal parlor. There will be windows on the three walls that oppose the ones I’ve built so far, and then I’ll begin furnishing it. Modeling Victorian furniture is going to be a daunting task, since I’ve only been using Blender for about a month, but once I build the room I can devote my time to learning how to sculpt.



Since there are going to be two doors in the room, I’m planning on having one of them be closed. This is the pocket door I’ve modeled, however I’m still working on the escutcheon.

I like it. I can’t wait to see what sort of furnishings you put in there. I read a book on Victorian furniture. There certainly is some cool stuff you could make to put in there. Will be watching this.

Thanks! I’m not sure what furnishings I’m going to add, either. Mostly because I’m still not as good at sculpting as I’d like to be, but also because I’m still making decisions about the room itself. I’m not yet sure if I’m going to include a fireplace, stove, or radiators. I’m also looking at different photos to decide how the windows are going to be designed.

Great start, Tyto alba. It reminds me of another project someone did a few years back of a Piano Room. Iirc it was also octagonal, and sort of Victorian, but the focus was on a grand piano standing in the room.