Victory ship

Started working on this about a week ago. I’m aiming for a believable model, rather than precisely accurate, as I have limited reference material.

Updated image:



Good start.

Ships are tough -there’s no end of stuff to put on them.

I agree, and very little information about what they look like!

I assume you are using the SS American Victory as a reference source. You should be able to get lots of good details from that.

Looks like you’re well on your way. Notice the curved shape on the bow which was designed to deflect splashing water back down. Most of the ships were equipped with light anti-aircraft guns at the bow and stern.

are these the liberty ships ?

there are some good images for these
i did a low res one
and also depends how many details you want to include

good luck

happy cl

Thanks for the comments.
I was hoping to model this as post-war, without the guns.
Update, added portholes and started on railings etc.


Started to add some detail

Started work on the crane gantries

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Got some form of top deck in place, and the machinery cowlings, deck winches and some more details, railings etc.

New updates.

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A couple of shots of the ship with water and lights turned on. Nothing else has materials yet.

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For reference, I am sending you a link to a set of liberty ship blueprints. I hope this is helpful. Beautiful work.

Thanks for that.
I got some plans from a historic website, and found lots of references from the Red Oak Victory facebook page, though they disagree in many respects. Some stuff is missing, some is in different places, but that is typical I understand, as they were not all built the same.

Have to think of a setting next. Wake and foam are a problem so I may end up with a dock-side setting.


First attempt at the panelled look to the side of the hull…