Victory ship

Puddles in night scenes are often effective. They add reflections and break up the ground material. I can’t tell if the dark, sharp areas on the ground are supposed to be puddles or not. If so, many of the edges seem pretty straight.

Maybe the rain would look less like snow if it were smaller. Did you use a particle system?

Yes, they are supposed to be puddles, but of course they are mainly reflecting the sky. The sharp edged ones are due to mesh deformation, whilst the others are due to microdisplacement that I added later.

The rain is a series of textured planes. I can make the texture smaller, but when i tried that, it looked like noise, rather than rain. I will have to try again.

Alternatively I might try out the geometry node thing.


You might get good atmosphere by combining a volume material (fog) and a particle system (rain droplets). The particles and volume should work nicely with your lights to create glows.

I’ve been looking for a good excuse to try geometry nodes, but haven’t come up with a task that seems right for them yet

OK, I think it’s done. If I stare at it too much longer, I will start messing with it again.