Hey, I have started modelling a twi-lek from Star Wars:

But I am modelling a male one based on an actual model made by my brother.

Here is my work so far, nearly all of it has been done just by tweaking it and playing around with it to make it look right. It still needs a lot of work done.

Please post comments, suggestions and critism.

Very good. Nice topology, cant wait to see this go further!
Im working on a human(albeit toon) animation project on my WIP(link in my signature) Check it out if you can.
Keep up the great work!
peace man

Nice Abs. Poor guy needs some shoulders, though. Seriously, the anatomy on the shoulders is way off. His “pects” or chest muscles are supposed to connect to the upper arm bone, to move it forward (imagine bench pressing). That triangular shape from the waist to the arms seen in bodybuilder front views is actually back muscles, the lats, that pull the arms down. The delts run over the top of the upper arm bone, and pull the arm up.

All three of these major muscle groups, visible on the surface, connect to the upper arm bone around where you’ve got the great swelling. The form should be moving in toward the bone, not out and away from it.

He’s going to need a rib cage, too. Something for those abs to attach to.

Take a look at this guy’s pects. See how they are heading up to his right arm and over to his left arm?

This gent shows the arch of his rib cage, and his left lat is evident, coming from the back and attaching to the arm.

Notice the delt on his left arm, almost coming to a point where the mucles narrow in to attach to the arm bone. You can see some of his left lat, too, coming from the spine and going under the delt to attach to the arm.

Cheers dude… the exact sort of comments I was looking for with some nice reference pictures. I will work on making the muscles look more realistic when I next have some free time…

Gonna take some serious re-working of the upper body to get the edge loops how you said though

Updates, please comment and crit…

I need some crits please people. This is my final model before I start texturing and then animating it. Will be a waste if I do that when there are still faults with my model.

The legs, feet and hands are too much of a worry as he will be wearing trousers, boots and gloves. Just the general shape needs to be ok with them.

[Edit: I have animated the top half of the body, the elbow doesn’t look right :frowning: and the hands look a bit funny, but hopefully be ok when he has clothes on.]

I woud say the front of the legs are sort of flat. not enough definition in the legs in general. And the sort of crease where the chest jons the arm? the crease continues down the arm, which looks pretty strange
Thats all from me

Turn down specularity in the materials. It’s blinding me.

And take a look at Orinoco’s post.