Video actually appearing in thread

How exactly do I upload a video so it’s actually appearing in the thread and not just a link. I have tried and never been successful in doing this. Nor have I found a ‘Upload for Dummies’ anywhere in the forum here.

Use the Insert Video button at the top of the Reply box. Add the full link to the insert video box. This will embed the video in your post. Shouldn’t be uploading large video files for this site to host, make one of the dedicated services take that cost.

Thanks Richard. And, I can copy and paste that URL right from my browser can I. Point well taken but what would you call a reasonable size assuming one doesn’t make a habit of this?

As you well know YouTube can do a job on animations occasionally. Then the server seems to cop a attitude when you attempt several times to upload a new version with maybe a different format attempting to correct the problem. Once again thanks