Video added on Video Sequence Editor are shorter

I’m new about the VSE in blender. As state on the object, when add a video on the sequence editor time line the video added is shorter and during only a fraction of the original recorded video. The video is long about 8 second, on the VSE become about 2 second long. I can resize the video string, but nothing happen
The video added is mpg4 format
thanks in advance

Check the original frame rate of the video you added. You may need to adjust your project frame rate to match it.

Thanks for your reply. The original video frame rate is 24, setting (render tab) frame rate is also. Anyway, ho can I check what is the frame rate of the video?

You can use an external media player like VLC to give you the properties (frame rate) of media clips. I would also suggest changing the media from mp4 to a less compressed format that is easier for Blender to decode. A frame sequence is best.

Alternately if there is audio with the video clip you will notice that they have different lengths. Just cycle through the scene property frame rates until the lengths match.

Thanks for your reply.
no audio, is a turn around video done with zbrush.

using VLC, it gave me this info:
Type: Video
Codec: MPEG -1/2 (video) mpgv
Resolution: 1280x736
Resolution video: 1276x716
Decoder format: Planar 4:2:0 YUV

no info about frame rate.

Still, the frame rate is the solution to getting it back to where you want it.