Video animated to show architecture with blender 2.5, software recomendation

I pretend to make a video with blender and show complex structures in an animation, and i will like to ask what software do u guys recommend to have a better resolution, real, soft and professional animation, because, really, the animations that are posible with autocad ( motion path animation ) dont look very nice, and as i know that the posibilities with blender are a LOT, that is why i ask .
Any idea please, drop me a line in this thread :slight_smile:
Regards for all of you :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, blender is the right choice for exactly that (waaaaay beyond what plain old autocad can do, any day!) Its not a trivial task, especially when tweaking the renderer to get the look you’re after, but its well worth the learning. My advice is to search online for tutorials that will walk you through all the various steps involved in creating such an animation, from modeling to texturing to setting up lighting and cameras to putting what you want into motion, to rendering and compiling your final video. There are plenty of excellent ones available just for your situation.

Also, don’t be afraid to utilize certain “in development” features, such as using the alpha-state cycles renderer (for GPU-driven GI) or the amazing freestyle branch (for sketch-look outlines for your renders.) Visit to download development versions of blender which might include some of these kinds of features. You can have multiple “installs” of blender on your system which will happily co-exist, if you want to.

mzungu, i check in blender guru some interesting tutorials about materials and in youtube i found nice videos about animation path.
I will have in mind all your advices, thanks for post me here and all your help :slight_smile:

All the best!