Video + Animation compositing/Rendering help?

Sorry in advanced for someone having to put this in the right forum.

Okay, so this one really stumped me. I am following the Track Match Blend DVD, using 2.69. I am only on the one point track, and am having some issues.
For those that haven’t done this tutorial DVD, I have footage of myself moving my finger around. I sharpied a black dot on that finger, which I later tracked. Having done it before, I successfully tracked it, applied the track to an empty, parented a plane to that track and put a particle system on that plane.
All-in-all, there is a particle system moving around that matches my finger movements. I know everything is lined up, as I have the video clip set a my background for the camera view.

Now, when I go to render it, I am rendering the current frame of my movie, and not anything in the blender scene itself. It’s not my particle system that just isn’t showing up, because I can put a cube in the scene where the camera can see it, and I am still rendering the video frame in which I am currently on, not the cube in the render scene.

If anyone could help me, that would be great. If you have any questions, or my explanation didn’t make sense, comment below. Thanks!

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Also, it might be a good idea to change your thread title to something a little bit more clear

If you have your clip loaded in VSE, it would show just the current frame from the clip and nothing from the scene.

From what you say, I cannot completely understand what you are doing. I assume you have the footage open only in the movie clip editor and that you have a compositing node setup to composite your render over your footage. Now, when you are in the 3d view, make sure that the layer with your particle system on it is selected and press f12 to render. What do you then see? You should first see the render appear and when it is done, you should see the composite appear. If you do exactly this, what goes wrong?

Some screen grabs of nodes and render output settings would help.

Nevermind. It was a dumb question that JA12 answered. Now that I think of it, it was open because I edit my clip in blender. I just had it open in the VSE. Thanks anyways for your guys answers and eagerness to help. :smiley: