video animation in game engine. help!!!

Hello guys! (sorry for my english) I´m new in game engine, im a render artist but this time I have to combine a render animation video with some interactive character walk trought. The work is about a lybrary, I have to do a character walking in the lybrary and visiting the different areas. But what i want to do is that when the interactive character arrives to an area a video animation plays automaticly to show the uses of that area and when the video ends then back to the interactive part and the character can walk to another area and repeat the process…I hope you understand…thaks for your help!! I google it a lot bur didnt find nothing!! thank you

You’ll wanna check out the videotexture module, I don’t know if its been implemented in 2.5 or not. you’ll want to suspend the scene when your player gets close to it using a near sensor and then overlay a scene containing a plane with your video on it using the videotexture module. Sorry I don’t have more time to explain it in detail, but it will be impossible if you don’t know python. Good luck!

Well, it would depend on your exact goals, but if you just want to make a “demo” for the player, you should create in-game actions, rather than watching a video.

I think that would feel “cleaner”.