Video as texture

Hi all,

I’m a complete noob so feel free to treat me as such. I’m currently starting a new project and I feel Blender will be a good choice for it. However, before I jump in it I have a doubt that I would like to clear before starting.

Let’s say I have a video and I create a 3D model of an object present on that video. Is there a way for me to use a video as texture for that model, in order for it to be animated? I don’t mean using a video as texture for a wall for example but just a model of an object. In the original video is not like I have the object in front of a green screen, so in that way I don’t think it will be possible to isolate the object in order to that as a texture.

I’ll give you an example because I don’t know if I’m being clear. Let’s say I have a video of a landscape and I create a model of a cloud and then import it to Blender. I can add a still of the cloud from the video as the texture for my cloud model, but is it possible to add a video showing movement of that cloud?

I hope you understand my question.


I think you got a problem with terminologies. All that video/texture/model seems to be messed up.
But I think I understand you.

You want to composit a model made with Blender into video footage?
Then what you are looking for is Matchmoving/Camera tracking.