Video/audio speed mismatch inside Blender

I have a quick question, which may have a simple answer.

I worked up a rough animation in Blender, then exported it to a .mov file. Then in a DAW worked up sound to be added to the animation. I then took the sound (exported as a .wav) back to Blender, rendered out my frames as .png, imported them to the video sequencer along with the sound. However, there was a slight mismatch between the speed of the audio file and the speed of the video inside Blender. The audio was moving faster (e.g., sound events matched with animation events started to become out of sync). But once I rendered that out to a video and brought that file back to the DAW, the video and audio matched perfectly.

Any guess about why this is happening? The the video strip was still in .png form, does that have something to do with it?

As is, I have to render again with the DAW, but I’d rather do all video encoding in Blender.

Appreciate the help!

I always animate to audio rather than adding audio to an animation. An exception might be a door slam or a single event. But if the audio track is running the length of an animation I create the audio track first, then add it to blender, I add markers to specific events to get the timing right, and I animate to the audio.

When done, I export as png, and in premiere or aftereffects I put them together (you can also just do that last step in Blender’s video sequencer).

Did you enable AV sync in the sequencer when playing back?

Also, make sure your computer is up to syncing the two. I don’t know the minimum requirements, but I’m sure they’re available somewhere.