Video Capturing Software

Hi. I have been searching the net and the forum, but to no avail. I am looking for a free program that can capture video through my FireWire from my camera and then save it in an uncompressed .avi format. I tried Movie Maker 2, Stoik, and VirtualDub. Neither Movie Maker or Stoik could save my videos in a Blender accepted format, and when I attempt to “Capture AVI” with VirtualDub, it gives me errors. Can anyone please recommend a program? Thanks.


i think blender accept “microsoft video 1” video codec.
Well, it worked with me.

Maybe, “Wax” can capture video, or save a video in a diffrent codec, like microsoft video 1.

Wax homepage:

You can also try:

I hope , i’ve helped.

Thanks :smiley: ! I have heard a lot of good things about Jahshaka. I will try it out.