Video card replacement help

if I want to replace my existing card with a GTE one
can some one tell me which GTE card I could use safely on my PC!

My PC is an ACER AMD A10-6700 APU
Power supply is 350 Watts
Video card is HD8670D

I wold like to pick a GTE card with better performance / faster for cycles
and EEVEE.

thanks for any feedback
happy bl

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Hi RickyBlender.
What is your available budget?

Also, are those 350W of the PSU real? (What is the brand and model of the PSU?)

I would say max $250.00
and I may try to buy a second hand card if I can find one!

or just wait next year till I’m ready to get a new PC

but meanwhile would like to get something a bit better and more compatible with Cycles and EEVEE if possible

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right now I began working with EEVEE
and already having some crash on some files
with too much size like more then 5K pixel EEVEE crashes

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vRAM is important for both Cycles and Eevee.
I would recommend GTX 1070 8Gb. If this is too expensive, GTX 1660 Ti 6Gb. If it is still very expensive, then GTX 1660 6Gb.

But all those cards consume between 120W and 180W, and the recommended for the system is at least a good 450W PSU.
So considering the limitation of your PSU, what I recommend is a GTX 1050 Ti 4GB vRAM (you make sure it is Ti model with 4GB). But keep in mind that with 4Gb vRAM you could start having out-of-memory problems with 4K renders in Eevee.

By the way, regarding Blender Crash. Are you sure it is a Crash? Do you get a crash report/log file? How much RAM does your system have?


Upgrading the gpu is not advisable in this outdated rig, imo. It’s better to wait a bit and raise your budget, and then build a brand new system. As @YAFU said, a 350W psu (probably a cheap no-name/OEM psu) won’t be able to handle a new gpu’s power requirements. Furthermore, having a modern gpu in a system with that is otherwise on the low-end part for CG tasks, doesn’t make sense. How much RAM do you have, for instance? The cpu (apu in this case) is quite weak for single threaded tasks, i.e. editing, modeling etc.

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PC has only 4 GB
but never had any problems before with anything done in cycles

EEVEE crashes on some converted files

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Hi Ricky, sounds like you need to upgrade your whole system 350 watt PCU will struggle to power a decent graphics card .

I guess will wait till end of year and check some good sales !

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just curious
If I upgrade to 16 BG of memory
I read an article on Tom Hard
that it could slow down some software cause of memory speed access

anyone did that and tested it on with blender

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With only 4GB of RAM it is very likely that system is constantly using virtual memory on disk, which slows down the system.
But you said you have plans to acquire a new PC later. Your current system are probably using DDR3 RAM, and new system will surely use DDR4 RAM. So if you buy DDR3 RAM for your current system, you will not be able to use those DDR3 RAM on the new machine you buy.

Yes but that are cases that dont apply to you here. For a new card it’s important to get the real capabilites of the PSU. Ignore thoose recommendations (or check the imprint text that describe them, they are a oversized and combined value that includes the full rig). For a noname PSU, you should not rely on the combined power like the 350W, thoose are for all 12V + 5V rails together.

You should stay away from complicated upgrades given the current system and limited knowledge of hardware. It’s very likley you don’t get the required performance for your budget and may cause the PSU pass away with a short light flash.

Safe a bit and aim for a new rig, probably with an AMD Ryzen, as there is no competition for the price/performance ratio currently.

right now my machine is using only 8 GB and can take up to 16 GB
Cost for upgrade seems to be only around $60.00
so for a few months it might save me a lot of render hours on cycles

cause EEVEE is so much faster
guess it might be good compromise
until I get a new machine

happy bl