Video Card

Hey all,

I’m not wanting to start and war (heh) on what are the best vid cards to use with blender, just curious on what is a good GeForce card to get for blender. I’ve seen ones advertised on ebay which have 256 vs 512 mg ram. I would have thought that 512 was superior but a friend (as well as ebay prices) indicate that some 256 vid cards are more superior and expensive than 512 cards. Any opinons? I’m not really wanting to spend more than Aus $150/ US $115.

I’m looking at buying a decent chip and am a bit confused with what will suit my needs best for 3D design on a Pentium 4, 3 gig processer system with 500 MB of ram. My current graphics card is shiiiiiiiite! Lol.

depends, if it has 512MB of ram but is 128bit pipeline (right word?) its never gona be able to use all the ram, since it has little bandwidth, how ever if it is 256bit get it, since it will be able to use more of it, if not all. thats why some 256 cards are supperior since they have more bandwidth to the ram. i got a 256mb geforce 6800GS and its work awesome with blender, i have a scene with nearly 1000 seperate objects and close to 1 millions polies and i can move around the scene in shaded and texture mode no problem :).

edit, what slots have you got AGP, PCI-E?

Thanks for your help mate. Thats answers a couple of my questions! Least I know why some cards are better than others!

As far as AGP etc go. I don’t actually know. PCI-E is the newer typer gaining prominance for speed yeah? How would I find this out from my pc? System tool or box of spec pc came in?

look at the box it came in or the manual first, if it just says the motherbaord do a search on the net for it, if you dont get anything you could get some diagnostic tools that tell you everything about your machines hardware. pcwizard 06 is what ive got. that tells me that i have PCI and AGP slots.

defo want to go with PCI-E if you can since the cards are much cheaper and although there not way faster they are a tiny bit since they have larger bandwidth. also the newer cards are starting to only come out for PCI-E. but if you havent got that type of a slot, an AGP will do for now :slight_smile: