Video Cards 64mb or 128mb

I’ve looked through the forum for help on what card to get and have come to the conclusion it’ll be the nvidia ti4200. But what I’d like to know is whether I’ll see much benefit with a 128mb over a 64mb when using blender.

I have not used that card specifically… I us a Geforce2 Ultra 64MB DDR at home on a 1GHZ athlon with 512 MB 2100 DDR Rram and a Geforce 4 Ti4600 128 MB at work on a Pentium 3 733 MHZ with 128 MB PC133 Ram.

Perfdormance is actually about the same on the machines. I see a slight in on-screen performance improvement on my machine at work with the ti4600, but not as much as I had expected.

Nvidia will soon come out with thier new chipset which is supposed to put out 2 times the perf of the Ti4600… So get as much power as you can afford I 'd say…But prices on the Ti series should fall in the second quarter of next year.

Not really a decision really… more ram is always better… More ram in your video card means higher color depths and resolutions as well as in 3d cards the added texture and data memory. Depending on the rest of your system you may or may not actually see much of a difference in using Blender alone… if you try and use multiple apps… lightwave, blender, wings3D all at once that takes up more and more video memory and all will start to slow down. My suggestion… go with the more memory… you won’t regret it.

but of course… stay within your own budget…

Read this article from entitled "Too Much Of A Good Thing? The Lowdown On 128MB GeForce3 Ti200 Cards " at Of course this deals with the previous generation of video cards, but it shows that most applications don’t even take up the 64 MB back then, and even now.

You’ll never use that amount of memory in blender. The rendering will slow to a crawl from vertex information before that happens. I guess if you’re using a lot of realtime texturing in the game side of things it might be of more importance.