Video Clip: Love is gonna save us

Have you seen this?…ove+gonna+save

Artistically it is very great, some very nice ideas, and technically it is quite good as well, video-to sound synchronisation is perfect…

All in all I like it very much, especially the eyes and eyelid movements.

Was that rendered in Blender internal? And did you do any postprocessing on it, or is it just the unprocessed video?

But be aware that the song might very well be copyrighted, I don’t want to be the moralist here, especially because I know that it’s more a tribute than a harm to Benassi, but just that it’s said already…

Also there is no need to double, triple, or quad post it, that will just get you a bad image on the forums right away.

Still very nice though

Thanks! Your comments were the most useful in this last journey! It is Blender Internal. I used composition to create the neon glow. It is the only post processing. Yeah! It is a tribute to Beny Bennasy! Because I gave this to any people around the world! I didn´t sold out it! The spam was intentionally. Sorry, but for me was a mission accomplished!! And sorry my bad english!

Love it! have you seen this video?

Yain, i enjoyed it alot. I like the track too.
But then i saw that link yogyog, thats insane!

not a work I have anything to do with - I’m just a fan. your work reminded me of it.

The YAO sign if you want it to be there dont move it around when the video it is playn everybody will look to the sign not to the clip.

Keep in mind that , put the video in principal focus.