Video clip produced with BGE and LMMS

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Umm… Is this suppose to be a game or a music video? I’m confused and can make two cents out of this.

Hi, I like playing with the game engine and made a basic game that is also being used for a video clip. It’s a very old song (circa 1988). Hence the retro style. So I recorded myself playing the game in real time as a screen capture. If people are interested I can post the .blend. However, my skills are limited and I didn’t want to put my self across as a BGE expert or anything.


No one really is :slight_smile:

I do think it would make a really amazing concept though…music video driven by gameplay…playing different sounds based on things happening and some sort of auto tuning…

I wouldn’t know where to start with Blender and pitch bending/auto-tuning. LMMS has an open source vocoder plug-in which does it (i.e. like Cher and “do you bel-eeee-ve in love after love”). It’s good fun once you get the hang if it and fixes the roughest of vocals (not mine of course).