Video Clips in Compositor Wrong Length

I’m very new to the compositor.

I have a composite set up with 2 MKV files. These are not in sync with the project. The project and the two videos are 960 frames long, but when I’m at frame 960 in the compositor, I’m just seeing events in the MKVs that are around the one second mark.

I’ve tried bringing them in as Input>Movie Clip and Input>Image. If I look at the properties in the N panel, it says: “Movie 40000 frs: size 1920 x 1080.” So, I’m guessing the compositor thinks this is a 40,000 frame animation?

Is there any way to retime it to 960 frames? Is it the file format that’s causing issues?

Yeah it sounds like Blender is not decompressing the video file correctly. Try transcoding the clip to another less compressed CODEC, use ffmpeg or similar. Better yet convert to an image sequence so that you absolutely won’t drop frames.