video codex not indicated

Dear moderator,

There is no other obvious place to ask this. What video codex do I need to play the tutorials by GreyBeard on the page < >? I have DivX and can play the other tutes there but I particularly want to view the one on LSCM UV Mapping and DivX tells me it doesn’t have the codex, but doesn’t tell me what codex it is that’s missing and that information is not posted with the video link.

If you can help, please reply to [email protected]. Thank you.

It plays for me in vlc (I get an error that the file is broken but pressing the repair button makes the file play)
Note that the tutorial was created for blender 2.34 and since then a number of changes have been made (there is no UV Face Select mode, LSCM is now just called Unwrap)