Video compiler

Does anyone know of a proram that can copile images into an avi or quicktime video?(Windows) blender’s internal compiler doesn’t work well for me for some reason… stills look fine though…

This website has a lot of good freeware programs. I haven’t tried any video editing application but you might find something interesting.

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hmmm… nah just went through it… thanx anyway

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This thread might help you…

looks helpful either way, but can it comple stills?

If you are having problems with the Blender sequence editor, try Virtual Dub. If that is a bit complex, try Bink.

Do you mean can it take a directory of say 750 seperate images and turn them into a 30 second animation? I’m not sure.

You could try exporting to AVI Raw from Blender then recompress into a codec from the external program.

Coalth wrote:
looks helpful either way, but can it comple stills?

Do you mean can it take a directory of say 750 seperate images and turn them into a 30 second animation? I’m not sure.

YES!! its not the compression im having trouble with, that works fine…(except quicktime, but thats another matter…) you see, when i make an animation instead of a series of stills, it turns out extremely pixellated or blurry… i really need to fix this. Ive heard of virtual dub, but i dont think it can do this…can it?

Yes, Virtualdub can do this, but the images have to be in .tga or .bmp format. Jpeg’s don’t work in virtualdub.

What compression codec are you using? There are lost of codecs available and many of them have a lot of configuration options.

AVI Raw will export uncompressed frames as a single file. That may be a solution rather than having to cope with a bunch of seperate image files.

Coalth – When you use Blender’s sequence editor to compile a bunch of stills, are you setting the image size in the renderbuttons to be the same as the size of the images you’re trying to make into a video?

For example, if I render out a bunch of images at 640x480, and then try to make them into an AVI of size 400x400, things will look pretty bad. It’s an easy thing to overlook, hence my suggestion.

I hope that helps!


fakeplastic- thanx that’s what im looking for! :smiley:

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ammusionist- same as meestaplu

dlomas not what im looking for but it’ll still come in handy later!

now if i could only get that virtualdub file to unzip…

Looks like you are having a problem with the choosen codec.

What they are sugesting is you use teh AVI raw, that I suppose is the same that if you choose “avi codec” in blender, and then choose in the popping window “Full frames” (uncompressed) .That last format is the one I use in every tool for video editing. It does not loose quality. Is in comparison similar to speak about editing a BMP, but in video. Any other codec, will loose quality with every save. Just like JPG in static.

The other codecs u have, then, loose quality: Microsoft video1, intel indeo (two flavors, 3.2 and 5, I think) , cinepak, divx, xvid(if u installed it) , etc…Often some softwares install extra codecs, but except divx and xvid, the others I listed are the main in any windows machine, no matter it’s an xp, win me, win 98se… though in some, some codecs are removed with certain versions/updates.

You certainly could (if have enough HD space) just render to Full Frames(uncopmpressed) , and then, in Virtual dub, do some basic editing and compile to a good codec. Divx or xvid , with good settings, tend to be a good deal…but it depends.

I personaly like also mpeg, but there are not so much mpeg encoders…there’s one for free, but can¡t remember the name…there was even one to mpg2 , but it dissapeared…(if anyone knows of some for free, I’m digging for one…)

A codec can do the deal if you use it well, though there are some that are much worse than xvid or divx. Xvid is like an open source flavour of divx, and I’m starting to really like it.

You have wax at , that can do basic editing, plus several effects, and virtual dub, that does some filters, but mainly basic editing (and looks more reliable on huge files)

To unzip virtual dub?? Ehm…you are not very experienced with Windows, are you? Well, if you are in a windows Me, or Xp, you just right click, and “extract files” or something like that: a basic raw support for zips is there.

You could buy Winzip, but I’d advice you a free multi os solution (now with multi volume support since 4.14 beta!) that compress more also, 7zip:

It’s not as graphical as winzip, but extremely good and functional.It supports many formats, too.

I think I was the first one to mention here Wax long ago…seems people keep rediscovering it, hehe. Someone has mentioned in other thread though that wax uses direct show, so , no way for use in linux.

forgetting to mention

while I’m here… (all the time thinking on you are a Windows user…) (Avitricks)

encode to mpeg 1 (only for non comercial, comercial projects not allowed)

free version of ddclip

Digitalseries (numbered tgas to avis, multiOS I think)

Don’t know if this helps on the mpeg2 front…

I found it useful in cross converting from qt to playstation portable mp4, but it seems do do pretty much anything to anything.


I’ve mentioned this in other places, but I really like TMPGEnc for this. It’s geared toward MPEG stuff, but has a handy little function under the file menu that says, “Output to File” which allows the output of a series of images to AVI (the codec of your choice) or MPEG (-1 is included, but I think -2 requires registration after 30 days… but I don’t use it for that anyway). You can even “decompile” an AVI/MPEG to a series of images with this function, if you want to…

As to video size, etc, there are presets built in, but AFAIK, these can be customized to meet your needs. I’ve always found its output to be spot on as far as compatibility. The interface takes a little getting used to, but its not bad, and its a pretty powerful little app.

yup, thing I don’t like too much is license does not allow comercial use…

To unzip virtual dub?? Ehm…you are not very experienced with Windows, are you?

no you misunderstood me, im okay with windows(depends on your definition of “good” :wink: ). my problem is that whenever i try to unzip it, it tells me it’s corrupt. :-?

maybe ill just re-download it…