Video Compression

(sp) #1

Can anyone direct me to some sofware that compresses MPEG Or Avi. I have a 43 meg (67 frame ) movie I want to post but its TOO big. Any help would be great. Thanks

(cree) #2

This encoder will do high quality mpeg -2 for a trial period, after that, you can only use mpeg-1.

(sp) #3

Thanks for the link I’m d/loading it now so I’ll make a repost soon in the Finished projects. The first attempt was large with a lot of loss. :frowning:

(hweihe) #4

I prefer AVI2MPG2 (also called BBMpeg). It’s freeware, too.

(scatman) #5

you could also try Bink & Smacker ( I think) and virtualdub…they’re both freeware

(Grizzly69) #6

Virtualdub rules! Get the DivX 5 codec and encode using Virtualdub to a DivX avi. Good quality and small file size.

(ray_theway) #7

I wouldn’t recommend using BBMpeg. It took me a full 50 hours to encode a 3-minute AVI to MPG2 (don’t know whether to blame the proggie, or my PII of ye olde days of 350 MHz MMX :stuck_out_tongue: ) . And with TMPEGenc?

Fifteen minutes.

If I only used it more, it would be worth the $$.
Now as far as AVI’s go, DivX is the king. It’s free, and has lots of adjustments for quality. I’ve had dozens of megabytes of TGA’s instantly (it’s fast too) turned into 5- or 6-megabyte files.
And I would say don’t bother getting the free ad-supported DivX Pro - GAIN is evil spyware.

(shibbydude) #8

If you become a member of the Blender Foundation then you get Publisher 2.25. It will render video compressed into any format that you choose. You can render a Divx right from Blender! Go to render buttons and then choose AVI codec instead of AVI uncompressed or MJPEG. Nice and neat and easy!

(cree) #9

Thanks for the warning about GAIN. I downloaded div- x yesterday and downloaded the version without the GAIN spyware. I hate these scams. I trust advertisers less and less as time goes on.