Video Convertion Trouble... (Wrong Codec maybe)

lately i bougt myself one of thouse Cheapass Chinese Noname MP3/MP4 Player things on E-Bay.
It comes with a few sample-Files allready stored on the internal Memory and a smal CD-With so called MP3Tools. The sample AVI-Video runs just fine, so i figured it should work with other vids too. The featurelist on ebay claimes that this little device can handle MTV, ASF and WMV but none of it is working (wtf is MTV anyway?:confused:). So i thougt to myself, maybe it simply can`t handle the Framerate or Resolution of thouse vids i tried, but luckyly they provide me with some software. After running a bunch of files throu AMV Convert tool over and over with diferent settings, i had to realice that this player not even bother to deal with AMV files,not even show them in its internal explorer. Thank God they have provided me with a little peace of paper, what they call User Manual. To bad thoug that it make no sense at all, not in english and probably neather in chinese. For the sake of your amusement here are a few lines:

  1. Open/shut down
    3.1 Shut down
    The customer grows to press Play key, the system shut down.
    3.2 Switch on
    The customer grows to press Play key, the system switch on.

or here one of my favourit lines…

4.2.2 Broudcast the interface manifestation

  • The knife man - impulsive punishment: Broadcast the level is smooth to roll over.

Probably some kind of ancient haku or something :eyebrowlift2:.
(My English is not the best as well (many Typos:o) but i hope i manage to get my point across.)
In this entire thing is not a single word about Video formats or Resolution or any other technical description. They even dont name the keys as they are.
So i thougt, whatever this thing was cheap, i can deal with some dificulties. And then i worked backwards. I took the sample video and feed it to the very handy VideoInspector.

Auflösung : 224x176
Codec : XviD MPEG-4 codec
FPS : 20,00
BitRate : 261 Kbps
Qualitätsfaktor : 0,34 b/px

Codec : MPEG 1 or 2 Audio Layer 1
Anzahl Kanäle : 2
Sample-Rate : 44100 Hz
BitRate : 128 Kbps

Nothing to unusual… After downloding diferent Convertion tools like Stoik and Any Video Converter, still nothing.

Long Story short… if you guys want to help could you plz try to convert a video with similare settings (XVID 224x176 and so on…) and maybe uplode it somewhere or mail it to me (including the original video), then i have something to compare.
Or if you had similar troubles any hints would be very welcome.

till then,