Video Copilot : Bullet DVD, how is it?

Hey I just ordered the new bullet dvd, and was wondering if anyone else seen it yet. It looks pretty cool, and they are using blender in some capacity.

I watched it last night, and i have to say it’s GREAT !
Andrew made 1 video as a sort of introduction to blender, in the other parts he shows to model/texture/shade/light/animate the bullet and shell case.

He does a few small things a bit different then how i would do, but overall it’s the best video tutorial i’ve seen!
Also great for people wanting to swtich from c4D/Max/Blender

It is amazing, I loved it, it is definetly worth the price. It would’ve been cool if he showed how to do the muzzle flash in blender, and how to composite the bullet in blender but of course After Effects is where he’s grounded and its not just a blender tutorial so it makes sense