Video crashes

videogame crashes when I press is on the laptop.what could be causing it?

no console print out? no screens? no blend?

of all i know, there might not be any game at all… :thinking:

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which version do you use?

chances are the laptop does not support the minimum ogl version required…

but this is just a guess, without any further info.

here is the blendfile.New folder (2).zip (1.9 MB)

did anyone find out why it is crashing?

what module is this…

 from gamesystem import gaudges, car_data

I could not find a gamesystem anywhere…

aside from that error(and ofc some missing textures…no big deal.) I had no crash.

i think marcoit made the car script.i do not know what that part of the python script means.could reupload

the blend.i want to see if it will work then.I mean after you press p to play the game.

well it does not crash for me…that is the only error I get so…I am still assuming it is hardware related.

this works so that cannot be the case.