Video Cutscenes

Hello, my question is simple and i hope it has a simple answer. How can i add video cut scenes. I know i can use this but as much as i try i can’t get it to work.
Is there another way?

3 words…


1 site:

Keep blending

When i follow the steps exactly and press p, the plane always still remains white. even with the example blends they give you. Any explanations.
Thanks for the quick reply by the way. :slight_smile:

Do you have a GLSL enabled video card and enabled in blender?

i can run glsl, ill try it when i get the time. thx

You don’t need GLSL to run the video texture.

Do you have any console print outs?

whats that because iam having the same problem

Open GL Shading Language… You really shouldn’t open back up old threads.