Video database/sample site equivalent to

Have anyone heard of anything like this? A site with sample videos of various different things like explosions, lava etc etc, some items of interest maybe already masked out, like cgtextures?
I know Youtube can be used, but not many videos are marked CC

detonation films is a good place, well in some cases. they have a selection of stuff for a few dollars and a smaller selection of stuff you can get for free. i havn’t come across anything as in depth as cgtextures though ( i keep searching and hoping though!)

yeah, but as you say, it’s not as extensive as cgtextures.
stuff that I would appreciate from a site like this would be:

Water splashing, falling, waves from boats etc
Dust particles, smoke, fire etc
People walking/acting for backgrounds and sets

Stuff that can be composited into CG renders, so that you don’t have to model/simulate it :slight_smile:

Also, I know CGtextures has some image strips for some of their fire/smoke/water stuff, but it’s not much