Video Demo Reel

I put together a demo of my work for a class project in my mechanical engineering degree. I’m not as artsy as some of yall so this is strictly more technical than artistic work.


I like it. However, I think this amount of work has great potential for a great put-up video. First, I think you should display some details of your models in the beginning, like wheels or badges in the case of cars, like teasers.
Syncing the song is also a great deal, transitions timed with the song are much more pleasing to watch, and I think featuring big movements in the main part of the song would be great.
So overall, I really like the animations and models, I am just not a fan of how the video was put together. But that’s a great work!

thank you. I think you’re right. I would like to work on a better edit. I did it backwards without music on this one.