Video editing in 2.5

Hi, I’ve playing with 2.5 alpha 0 and I have a few questions:

#1. In the video editing layout, how does one zoom in (or preferably out given that’s stuck at 200% or sth) in the video preview window? No known combinations (mmb+click, numpad +/-) seem to work. What’s the trick?

#2. Is it possible to use frames only (or seconds only for this matter) both in the VSE window and in the timeline window? The show current frame feature is really cool and will speed up cross-referencing but it would be cooler if one could use the same unit of reference (i.e. frames or seconds) across all windows. What am I missing here?

#3. I’ve experimented with the node editor and the only thing I miss is the knife tool used to cut the links between two nodes. Right now I can just thread a link to nowhere to del it but I’m wondering if there’s another way. Is the slice tool going to be ported?

I know 2.5 is not meant to be for production purposes but I cannot help using it! :slight_smile:
I only hope I’m not going to regret this.


I found a way to zoom to 100%. Press the N-Key so you are viewing the settings for the video. Then click that little + symbol which will reveal the header for the video window. Then you can choose view-all or press the HOME key on the number pad.

Still, it’s nice to be able to zoom in and out as needed. Hope this gets added back in.

Other probelms I’ve noticed with the VSE are no actual names for effects strips, no eyedropper tool, no original size info for video strips, no strip reload button, no MMB item loading.

Still, 2;5 looks like it can evolve into something pretty impressive.

Colour correction doesn’t work either I think.

Also having colour management (linear workflow) enabled results in very dark video encodings (not that i do that in blender but all the same) as linear gamma is not converted to 2.2 before going to encoders.

On Windows (at workplace) can’t access system codecs, it used to be a seperate pop up when choosing AVI Codec.

Hope VSE will get some love too.

I’ve just spent more time than I should have trying to figure out how to use the f-curves with the VSE to control strips. Used to be pretty simple; set the mode, and control-click to add points.

What’s the procedure now? Or is this one of those things that isn’t working yet?

Hi, thanx for the feedback.

@Atom: interesting workaround! I have obtained the same result by checking ''safe margin" in the properties panel of the preview window. It doesn’t actually zoom but the overview is to a certain extent sufficient

@ Yellow: someone wrote in a thread a while ago that the main VSE programmer is not part of the Durian project so any likely developments are not dependent upon the project.

@ Mawilson: I can confirm that I’m unable to use the f-curve editor. Entering edit mode appears to be impossible and Blender doesn’t respond to ctrl+clik.

Two more questions:
#1. have you guys managed to use 2.5 for any serious video editing? I mean the new ui has completely seduced me and I can live with some limitations for the time being. But do you think that starting a new project in 2.5 is a good idea?

#2. has anyone thoroughly tested the node editor? My first impression is that there were no surprises there but is there more to it than meets the eye?

I haven’t tried to do anything serious with this release, but given all the problems discussed in this thread, I don’t think I’d want to do more than fool around with it. I think even the main (3D) functions of Blender are being presented as “not ready for production”, and the VSE has always been kind of ancillary.

Personally, I’m going to play around with 2.5 and learn the new systems, but if I need to do any real editing I’ll use 2.48 and/or 2.49.

I dont think the Strip menu (in header) is available either? There does seem to be lots missing at the moment. i am avoiding 2.5 for editing ATM.

I don’t get the Strip menu either. I think we’re going to have to wait awhile before we can really try any editing with the VSE.

@blendercomp. Peter Schlaile is/was the main developer I believe.

re Durian, I agree development of VSE in 2.5 is not dependant on Durian, although they may wish to use it for final but that is some time off, I would guess development is dependant on getting ones head around the changes that impact the VSE, having sufficient time and perhaps waiting for the right time to make changes.

Campbell has made a few commits for the VSE this month.

We can live in hope, learn to code or buy Vegas. :wink: jk

Currently enjoying 2.49b. 2.5 VSE not up to speed yet.

Still, 2;5 looks like it can evolve into something pretty impressive.

I have had this opinion for years, but it still remains to be what it is.

Looking back at the BBB vlog it was apparent that the devs there were very happy with the old sequencer to make a (very good) movie. So there may not be much pressure to spend resources on this tool. Unless the new grant buys a sequencer dev?

I just love the new interface and the promise of cutting in Blender helps me sleep at night, this may not encourage Ton at all though!

I would agree that 2.48/2.49 is a pretty good edit system. The problem so far with 2.50 is that it doesn’t come up to that level of functionality. At this point, it doesn’t seem like it’s very usable. The first step is to get back what we lost. Hopefully the next release, which has fully-restored tools (across all modules) as its goal will bring the VSE back up to something that we can use. I would imagine that Peter (and others?) are working on that, so we just have to wait.

Some answers to some of the questions here:

  1. Zooming/view panning in Sequencer Image Previews - not working yet. Recode of the stuff there is pending, ideally to make it work the same as everything else.

  2. Animating Settings -
    a) Using the NKEY panel, change the relevant settings, and use the IKEY or RMB-context menu to add keyframes. Move to another frame, and repeat.
    b) There IS NO MORE EDITMODE in the Graph Editor. That was antiquated cruft, so it has been rightfully removed.
    c) Ctrl-Click in Graph Editor only works when you’ve got F-Curves already. Refer to reply a)

  3. Node Editor Remove Links - ALT RMB drag

Aligorith, thanks for that! Can’t wait for just the basics, even that will be appreciated in due course.

Aligorith: Thanks for the update. It’s nice to know that f-curves are working in the VSE. That helps a lot.

@ Aligorith: thanxs for the info. It’s good to know that some functionality is (almost) there but we just don’t know how to access it

@ everyone else: thanx for sharing your experiences. I could already see this coming, i.e. 2.5 is not really ready for the big time. So be it. I’ll be really looking forward to beta versions.

Don’t know if any of you caught this from the Dev conference on 12/7:

“Andrea will work on file/image browser, and do Sequencer fixes. (Campbell declared Sequencer ‘prohibitively broken’ after seeing Colin use it here :).”

Sounds promising.

That being said, jesterking’s SVN build for Windows from 12/4 fixes some of the things we were talking about here: the Strip menu shows up, effects strips now have names.

hmmm, maybe having a dead sequencer is the best thing after all. I wonder how much time they really have to devote to it though? What kind of features should be present? I must say that having used it recently the timeline interaction really isnt too bad, and I love meta strips too (better if you could access their contents without un-collapsing them).

What should stay, rather than what should be included?

Hi mawilson, didn’t know about this development and boy am I glad to to hear it.
When is the first beta scheduled for release? It would be great if they could improve it a bit so as to be usable.
If the VSE (at least) receives some attention I could use 2.50 for one of my courses next semester. The course begins in mid February but I can start with Gimp and Inkscape and introduce Blender in the second half of the course say at the end of April. I hope some improvements in the VSE and the compositor are realized by then! :slight_smile: