Video editing in Blender , Premier pro?

Hello !

I was wondering witch software is the more convenient for editing a 3D clip video ? The video editing of Blender or Premier pro ?

Hi Maya,
Premiere Pro is a specialised editing software and is therefor much more convenient to edit videos. There is no comparison. And there should be no comparison, as it’s not fair. Blender is a 3D software, which ALSO offers a few editing capabilities.

I would recommend to check out DaVinci Resolve though. It’s similar to edit as Premiere - but DaVinci Resolve offers a free version, which also includes an amazing color correction tool and a very good compositor.
And even if you would want to buy the full version it only costs about 300 $, all included.
While you have to pay a rather high monthly fee for Premiere Pro .


I concur. Resolve/Fusion meets all of my video needs. And it has a very polished and fast UI. Over the years, I’ve used Resolve, Premiere, Discreet edit*, FCP, all in a professional capacity, and Resolve is my favorite.

I used Blender’s video editor on one simple project. Terrible. I’ll never use it again. Now I use the free versions of Hit Film and Davinci.

Convenient? Definitely Blender. I have PP and it’s a pig unless you use it every day (which I don’t). Yeah, Blender has its quirks, but have you ever tried setting up an H264 1080p video project in Premiere when you haven’t looked at it in a couple of years? No comparison.

This tutorial should get you going.

I agree with resolve.

Would agree with the others, Davinci for editing video.

But not really sure what your asking with the wording “3D clip video”. Can you post an example or describe what you want to edit ?

3D models in a video, 3D in the sense you have to where 3D glasses to watch the video, something else ?

Do you feel what made your experience of editing in Blender terrible will be addressed by this roadmap for the VSE?

Btw. do you guys know that it is possible to edit unrendered 3D/GP/Node Editor scenes in the VSE by using Scene strips(you can’t do this in any of the mentioned NLEs)?

I think what he is talking about is you can take a blender scene into the editor without having to render it out first. Very cool idea as you could edit your project and then only render out the frames you need.

Unfortunately I tried this a couple of weeks ago and while the idea is great it needs alot of work, very very buggy, couldn’t go longer than a few mins without blender crashing (latest Lts version at the time)

Blenders video editor will never be able to compete with Premiere, FCP, AVID or Davinci. But it is handy, I use it to edit voice overs while I am animating a scene so I can time everything up , works really well there.

You could export Alembic files and edit those in Resolve using Fusion…

The user interface and methods of doing things made things that are easy in dedicated video editors difficult. I don’t see anything in the roadmap that would make the VSE UI comparable to dedicated video editor programs.

The VSE is part of Blender so it must use the Blender style UI and way of doing things. And it should. There is benefit in the VSE’s integration with Blender’s other functions and using the same interface style/methods is part of that. For me the Blender way is bad for video editing. Others may find it good.