Video Editing Programs

I am in need of a nice open-source video editor. I have been using Windows Movie Maker, but I am looking for something that has a little bit more to it, of course I also don’t want to deal with something that is hard to work with. Also, I am looking for an open-source music maker too. Do you have any suggestions?

…Blender, actually. That’s one.

Free open source software or free software?
And for what OS? Windows only?
And what´s a music maker supposed to do? A digital band? A tracker? A sequencer? A mixing tool? A virtual orchestra? A mastering tool? A recording tool? A studio all in one solution?

Windows only is preferable, I could use Mac too (I just prefer not to) Free open-source software is needed, and an all in one studio would be nice.

Also, going off of the other comment, I realize that Blender is one of them, we are making an animation using Blender, and I am using another editor to edit the animation (putting fonts, credits, title, ect.) I realize this can be done in Blender, but I am just learning Blender, and I find other video editors as a lot more user-friendly…

Well, for free but closed source the best and most professional tool you´ll find is most likely Lightworks:

I´d say other than that, you got Premiere, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, AVID as the big commercial players, then there´s nothing, then comes Lightworks, then theres nothing again, then there´s Blender and after that is a lot of perpetual beta FOSS that´s more in a toy stage.

There are some “cheap” alternatives like Sony something, and Magix Video whatever but they are really more to cut your friends wedding video or bore your neighbours to death with your great shots from your last travel to whatever. :slight_smile:

And for music and windows… I´d say Audacity, it´s quite powerful and FOSS.

Alternatively you can always check out

switch to Linux and you get tones of options, especially if you are used to windows movie maker.
and for audio editor like fl studio, see lmms.

Haha the only reason I haven’t is my favourite games aren’t compatible with Linux…

LMMS runs on Windows too.

So what?
Work -> boot to Linux, Play -> boot Windows.

They peacefully co-exist in a computer, no binary wars.
And if you´re afraid or can´t repartition your HDD, just check out Ubuntu and WUBI.
It creates a virtual paritition you can boot from natively and you can uninstall Linux via your windows installer.
IMO the best introduction to Linux ever to the broad mass.

For sound you could check out Reaper. Not quite free but very powerful and I know lots of guys are into it as a Pro Tools killa :open_mouth:


I know exactly what you’re going through: MovieMaker is obviously WAY too limited for any task that’s even a tiny bit sophisticated, and yet there don’t seem to be many free video editing programs, even though there are so many great other open-source options!

I also use Windows. I was very close to switching to Linux because these two video editing programs (exclusive to Linux) were so highly-recommended:

  2. OPEN SHOT -

I felt too uncomfortable to try Linux (I have an old computer and, if I screwed up too badly, I would have no money for another) but I will switch over if and when I ever get some money for a new computer.

For you, though, I’d suggest either (a) trying Arexma’s suggestion of using the Linux methods where it boots up along with Windows or (b) dedicate yourself to learning Blender’s Video Sequence Editor. I personally just spent about one full day doing nothing but toying around with it until I began to feel very comfortable. Obviously, it’s a weird, non-intuitive system compared to the other video editing programs I’ve seen, but it can do most anything. Plus, you always have the great Blender community to assist you.

So those would be my two suggestions.

Once you get the hand of it, the blender Video editor is pretty powerful. I use it as my primary editor/compositor for most simple projects.

Well thank you guys! I might upgrade to Linux here soon… I don’t expect to soon though, I still haven’t put all of my music onto my computer, something I have been thinking about doing for about a year now…