Video Editing question

Hi guys, i need to edit a video in blender.

The problem is that i cant lower the resolution just to have a good preview while edit the video. Because of that, when i press alt+a to see how the video is, the image becomes very slow. :frowning:

Anybody know how i fix that? i mean, is there a way to low the resolution in the video window just to edit like sony vegas or after effects that you can choose “half resolution, 1/4 resolution, or auto”?

Any scaling of video will slow processing down, check that you have matched the project to source dimensions exactly. If that doesn’t help try cacheing the strip.

Finally you could use Blenders proxy system that generates smaller easy to playback files. You must turn on proxy in the vse preview window and switch the feature on asva preference in each strip. Then generate or render all the proxy files.

Edit. Double post sorry

Also make sure that the AV Sync button is active for playback. This allows Blender to drop frames during playback and keep the video playing fast with its sound. In sync

An animation i’m working on was playing back at about 6fps when i played the image strip in the video editor. Finally i fixed it.
I went to the 3d view port and clicked on an empty layer so that nothing showed in my 3d view port. Then i went back to the editor and got a playback at 23-25fps.
i guess when you hit play (ctrl+A) in the editor not only is blender putting together your rendered frames, but also calculating the animations
in whatever layer you have selected in the 3d viewport which slows it down quite a bit.

Alt+A… not ctrl A… my bad.