Video editing render stuttering

Hey, I dont know if this is the right tag for this but I need help. Recently when I have tried to compile image sequences into a FFmpeg video, the final render is like rubber banding and lagging in a sense. Ive done this hundrends of times to no issue but now its acting up. Ive tried changing container and video codec. Ive gone back to my animations and invidually looked at each image to see for the rubber banding but found nothing. Only when I compile the images then render them together does it do this choppy affect.

heres a video showing the issue.

Any ideas would be helpful, thank you :slight_smile:

and no its not just the viewport, the final video render looks like that

Make sure project fps matches image sequence fps.

solved it actually, it was the way it was sorted then imported. It was sorted by modifcation date instead of being ordered by number.

thank you though