Video Editing software with layers?

Is there such a free program out there? Or is this featue in Virtual Dub and I don’t know about it?

I need it so I can apply some effects for a bible school video I’m making…

Well, you there is Blender’s sequence editor, you can just load video segments and apply effects to any you want and ultimately put them together by rendering, or just the entire video and have the effect work on a specific frame range (unless the effect you’re wanting to apply isn’t available as a sequence plugin). There’s also ZS4, Jahshaka

try axogon (i dunno if it still out there) and avi tricks classic (google it) they both works in layer like afterFX

You download the free video effects software called ‘Wax’ over at, and it also supports virtualdub filters among other things.

Windows only.

He also has free morphing software called Winmorph.

Axogon is still around – you can get it here: It is a pretty neat little freeware program, even if its effects are a bit lacking.

great stuff!