Video Editing with Python+Blender

Hey Blender community,

I’m in search for a good programm/API that offers the ability of editing video files. My aim is to apply overlays (overlay images) and fade-effects (fade in/out to black/white) on video clip files.
During the search i found the interesting Blender-Python API and e.g. the “bpy.types.MovieSequence”. Is there any possibility to do this work with Python?

Could anyonne give me some advice or helpful links?

I would be very thankful


The py-api is somewhat lacking in blender’s Video Sequence Editor, I posted a patch to the tracker that fixes most of this but who knows if/when it’ll get applied.

There is AVI synth if you are on windows.

You could control AVI synth from Blender, much like the exporters control the external render engines.

thanks for your quick replies.

@uncle entity: thanks for your tipps. First I thought it would be great, if blenders python API could do the editing for me, because the project, i’m working at, is also realized with python/django. but if it’s not very stable, it would be useless for me :frowning:

@atom: i have already invastigated the possibilities of avisynth for other video players. but i didn’t know that blender also has the capabilities to “unterstand” avisynth. do you know, whether I can process avisynth script with blender from command line? and how about unix systems?

has anyone some other tips to do video editing from command line (unix prefered)? :slight_smile:

thanks a lot & greetings,

Can anything be done to push this up the dev to-do list? There are some coders around here who really pushed the VSE toolbox forward with the existing API, so with a more complete API then magic will happen I sure. :slight_smile:

Turi has suggested that VSE is hard to enhance with present state of API. It’s sad because he is quite willing and very capable :frowning: Uncle Entity do you think your work would be recieved better now that Mango is going forward? Have you brought it up on the bf-committers lists?

Blender python is nothing more than cpython 3.2 , so you can use any python 3 library you want with it, you can also use any c /c++ library and wrap it for python or expand the source code of blender.

So yes its definetly doable. Your easiest choice is probably to use an existing video library for python and build a blender gui for it that will work alongside VSE.

You dont need to use the command line if avisynth offers a python library.