Video Editing Workflow - speed up in blender video preview?

Hey Community :slight_smile:

I would really appreciate an insight in your video editing workflow.

I arranged all the clips, did the colour correcting etc. Now I would like to add sound to my scenes. But due to the colour correction the “in blender preview” gets really slow. When I add a sound track it plays in realtime, while the pictures jump very slowly from frame to frame. This way it is impossible to add sound to the correct position in the video. One solution I thought of is rendering the video and importing it again. But even this way I would loose a lot of video quality and editing freedom.

Is there a way to decrease the quality of the “in blender preview” so that it gets as fast as it was before i did the colour correcting etc…

What workflow do you use?

Thanks a lot!

You can use a lower res proxy