Video Editor Editing Selction

I’ve been looking through the Blender Online Manual and I’m not finding much.

If I want to select a section of a frame in the video editor and apply a filter to, or modify in some way, only that section, can I do that? (i.e Want to change Hue/Saturation in the upper left corner). It seems you can only do this for the full frame… correct?

Well I guess that’s the answer… there is no answer! LOL!!!

Can’t you do that in the compositor, maybe in the video editor, with a mask?

I mean, mask what you want and then apply a filter. Never done it myself.

EDIT: part of the movie clip editor.


try this, (292.0 KB)

Download and install the Transform Tools add-on:
Works in 2.8 - 2.91.

Select you strip.
Hit shift + d to duplicate it to the channel above.
In the Preview open the Toolbar to the left.
Choose the selector and select the image.
Select the crop tool.
Drag the corners to your desired size and hit enter to finish cropping.
Now go to the Sequencer sidebar and add modifiers to this strip to do your color manipulations.

Thanks… I’ll check it out.

Turns out the solution was more simple that I thought. Took your idea and modified it. But yes, you had the right idea. Just copy the strip, paste on top and crop away. Thanks for the help!