Video Editor refusing to render specified frames

It renders first few frames of imported video. Even though only frames 25-40 were selected in Render/Dimensions/Frame Range.

What could I possibly be missing?

Using 2.62

Thanks guys :slight_smile:


Post a screen shot of render settings? Quick thought is that either codec isn’t decoding source or that you have bad render settings.

Thanks for replying 3pointEdit.

Should you want to examine the file…
Just add any movie to replace mine.

Thanks in advance 3pointEdit :slight_smile:


First off, your source frame rate doesn’t match the project frame rate. That’s why the audio runs a different length. It may affect how the footage is decoded too. You should probably turn on proxies for these strips, at the very least generate Timecode so that the right frames get decoded in the right order. That is a key issue with mp4 files.

I have a tutorial at the blog in my sig for proxy creation etc.

Thank you so much for your help 3pointEdit :slight_smile:
I appreciate your taking the time to inspect the blend file.

I’ll check your tutorial for sure!


David, I saw your video-tutorial. Very helpful.
I wanted to ask you though, you said on a past post: “your source frame rate doesn’t match the project frame rate. That’s why the audio runs a different length…” so I thought I would see you fixing that exact problem in your vid-tut. But your videos did not have that problem.
Maybe the second part of the vid-tut, “Creating Proxies”, tackles this? I’m just not knowledgeable enough about video to tell.

Thanks David :slight_smile:


My videos have a FR of 29 fps. But it seems Blender can’t match that exact rate. The closest it gets is 28.97. It does help a lot compared to what I had before, but there’s still some mismatch between the video and audio tracks :frowning:
Could this be alleviated with the use of a filter or something? Or what would be the solution?


Mmmm. I don’t know what to think anymore…
It seems WinExplorer (Win7) was not as accurate reading the frame rate. It says the video is 29 fps. But Avidemux tells me is 29.97 fps, which is what Blender gives me too. Hence if Blender is already offering me the exact same FPS and both tracks are still not matching perfectly… what next?
I read in one of your other threads (David) that you were advising to use Avidemux to prepare the files before hand, to keep you from doing unnecessary extra work in VSE. I got Avidemux now, I just don’t know exactly what was to be done with it :frowning:


I only needed to reimport the videos!
Now they do match just fine!

David, I would still like to know what kinds of things one can do in Avidemux in order to prepare the videos prior to bringing them to Blender?

Thanks in advance,


Where did you see that? It could be old advice.