Video Editor, Splitting audio strips

How do I split stereo audio strip to 2 separate mono strips?

I want to be able to choose left or right channel for my clips because we filmed on 2 mics. I have 100 clips so exporting audio, moving it to audacity, spliting in audacity, importing to blender will be hell lot of work.

I know there is “mono” option is settings of a strip but it doesn’t do what I want since I can’t pick left or right channel there it forces mixing both together which is completely useless for me.

I tried some other open source video editor, called shotcut, but it is horrible and lacks basic functionality.

How do I split stereo audio strip to 2 separate mono strips?

AFAIK all you can do is import as a stereo pair then pan them hard left and right. If you send them to their own scenes, you could add the them back as a scene strip then re-pan them centre?

Ok So I just played with a clip that has 4 discreet track of audio and you cannot pan them out to isolate. Sorry.

It seems that Blender is expecting that your file is either mono single track OR stereo two track (and maybe surround but I can’t test that).
You can pan a mono track but not a stereo track, so cannot mute a stereo side.

I think that the best work around for you would be to batch process the video clips with ffmpeg into separate sound tracks per track of audio. You could then use a script to import them into Blender (a clip per scene) with their video. Do the mix in that scene, then send it to your master edit scene as a strip. Turn on Use Sequence in the strip properties for overall volume control.
Alternatively you could collapse the multiple strips into a MetaStrip, but this way there is no access to overall volume.