Video Encoding Question : Smaller File Size

I have a video tutorial I am working on. I have made it using Pinnacle 8 and the resulting file is an MPEG, but it is a really big file. How could I convert it to a smaller sized file such as DivX?



In Windows you can use Virtual Dub Mod, which can open MPEG files and then re-encode them using some Windows installed codec. However, for the version of Virtual Dub Mod that I have it doesn’t do audio, so I have to use Virtual Dub (the standard one, there is a difference between Virtual Dub and Virtual Dub Mod) to add the audio channel into the AVI file.

But I think that most video programs, including Pinnacle can encode the video files using any Windows media codec. All you have to do is install the DivX or XviD or whatever codec from their website, and then that codec will appear in the options when you select the AVI codec that you want the file to be encoded as.

I’ve had great file size results with screen captures. Using the MPEG4 codec with a framerate of around 8. And a keyframe every a lot of frames. Say every 400 frames. Very neat compression!

Except that Pinnacle Studio has been very picky about which codecs it will encode to. Its a buggy program in general (esp 9 & 10 versions of the product) and doesn’t like to work with certain codecs (it only recently “officially” supported DivX). I would suggest encoding your clip to DV-AVI codec (either by translating your MPEG or re-encoding the original) with Pinnacle, then using VirtualDub to re-encode to DivX or whatever. Alternately, if you’re on Windows, Windows Media Encoder is a free download from Microsoft. You can get pretty small file sizes with WMV, but its not too friendly with other OS platforms.

For future animation renders, I recommend the methods I suggested in this thread.