video extension

Hey guys, I have a question.
Which extension does a video file have to be, because when I load an .avi, i get “Error: not an anim”. Maybe mpg or something?

it is not really a matter of the extension but of the format. there are several kinds of avi’s, they could be divX, Xvid, mpeg, wma or whatever… if you can’t load an animation file directly, try reencoding it (use virtual-dub on windows). RAW avi’s work definitely, but are of course larger because they are uncompressed. you can also use a series of images (a numbered sequence).

Well, I directly got it from my video camera, and saved it as DV-AVI (25Mbps). That didn’t work. But if I try to open it in VirtualDub, it says that it’s encoded for Windows Media Player or something. BTW, I used Windows Movie Maker and a firewire to capture the video. What can I do now?

hm, try capturing with virtual dub directly. i know it works with s-video (using the video port of my graphic card), so it should work via firewire, too. the good thing abt. virtual dub is that you can encode to much more formats. if moviemaker can output different formats than WMA, you can try this, too.

Unfortunately, Blender can’t import DV AVIs. You’ll have to convert it to an uncompressed AVI somehow, or a QuickTime.

OK, I’ll try that. Thanks for the tips solmax and broken!

Damn! :-?

hmm, movie maker sucks really coz it outputs windows-media only… do you have premiere or something? or a mac? it’s really easy there, iMovie imports from the camera and outputs lot’s of formats.

as for VD - i had similar problems, too. they went away, however i don’t know why or how - it seemed dependent on the direction the wind is coming from…

hope you find a solution, though, … a have a look at VLC (video lan client). it may be able to open the DV-stream from the camera, and AFAIR it has an output function which writes to disk. give it a try.


Try this:

also check the information and forums:

Digital Video should not be 25Mbps. Digital Video from a DV recorder over firewire should be a sustained rate of about 3.6Mbps. That would be a raw .avi file that is something like 700x480. I don’t know what HDTV is off the top of my head.

Sometimes there are issues with the Windows Media Player/Movie Maker formats being very proprietary.

Actually it’s nicer than most people realize for doing quick things (The Auto movie feature is actually scary in it’s “intelect”). Movie Maker 2.0 can output to AVI (DV2 I belive). I use it myself to capture from my digital camcorder. But anyway, I’ve used AVIs from my camcorder in Blender but I have to convert them to DV1 first (I think I have that right, might be the other way around). It’s a true convertsion and not a re-encode because all it does is interleave the video and audio streams.

After that I can use them in Blender, VirtualDub, Move Edit Pro (the best $99 I’ve ever spent for video software – and the only $99 I’ve spent but still), etc. - some ppl’s abbrevs r so fny :smiley:

Anyway, you could try Quicktime pro. It supports a lot of the major codecs and will easily convert your DV-stream into an anim. It’s a very handy tool to have around and quite cheap. It won’t decode Windows Media though so if you’re using WMM to capture, it won’t be much good.

You can try tmpgenc - that’s quite popular and I think it does WMV. MEncoder’s good too. Not sure if these tools export to anim format though. For the whole DV, anim stuff, like Solmax said, Macs are better for that. Windows tools are generally too proprietary. That’s why Apple have the two industry leading compositing software packages (Shake & Final Cut Pro).

You might want to check this site and see which software best suits your needs. I always check the freeware stuff first: