Video: Ferrari 599 5-4-10 New Video, new Pics

New Video (Ambient Occ avaiable in HD :slight_smile: ) posted 5-4-10:

Video Posted: 2/19/10

Newest Renders (4/9/10) Go to page 3

UPDATED .BLEND 1/31/10 labeled 3.5b
I’ve been working on this one for the past couple weeks and I’m really starting to like it. I am aiming for realism with precise and exact proportions. Also I really need help spotting problem vertices that cause bumps in the surface. The front end has received the least amount of work so far. I do not want to detail too extreme until the body is perfect. I’ve provided some AO renders to start off. I’ve also provided a close up to show the seaming on the roof and aerodynamic arch.

Please if you notice even the smallest details if you could please bring them to my attention.

I’ve also decided to keep this public. If anybody has any questions on how things were modeled feel free to ask. .blends will be updated on this first post

Thank You

(Current .blend named blender3.5b.blend)


blender.blend (352 KB)blender3.5b.blend (731 KB)

It is looking pretty good. There are a few places that need some polyflow attention.

In the front and on the hood you have some of this going on:

What you want is this:

Make sure any of the places with an inside corner, even if sharp, have the loop rather than that 5 edge point to avoid strange pinching in the area.

You also have a couple in the back tail light area that need sorting so you have a nice clean edge loop around the edge.

You want it in this configuration:

Keep a clean edge loop around the edge and have any five pointers off elsewhere.

There are a few other spots that have this as well. Look over the model and make sure you have clean 4 edge points on all of the defining rims and edges.

Thank you for your reply :slight_smile: I see what you mean. I’ve reworked the tail light region a little bit. Am I on the right track?

Also marked in red, is this ok? (edgeflow)


blender2.blend (287 KB)

about the area you pointed out–
that’s usually what i’ve seen.

blender2.blend (285 KB)

Yeah, Spacetug has the right idea. That also creates a problem to the right of the tail light where it connects to the back fin. You should buffer that. What I mean by buffer is protect that edge by bringing the multi edge point away from it. So that there is effectively a “buffer” between the week joint and the fin. (see editable edge above) You don’t want the week joint on the fin. Now on the fin there is 6 edges.

Examples of week joints (less or more than 4 edges):

There is only one strong joint. Ideally you want these on all of the major defining contours of the model:

There is another strong joint configuration that works well for sharp corners. It is really the same as above only used on a corner. You have many of these in your model very well placed so that is good:

You also can fix the exhaust pipe holes - I guess that’s what they are - below the tail lights so that they have the inside sharp corner edge loop I showed you above in the last post.

Duh! How did I miss that! :slight_smile: Thanks spacetug!!

Thank you very much for your responses. I am however having a little difficulty in completely understanding, or maybe just executing, a proper edge by the fin. I have another attempt posted below as well as a quick screen in case you do not have time to download. I now have the fin with 5 eges instead of 4. I think you want 4, but I’m not sure how. I’m sure its quite easy but after being stumped for hours I think my mind gets a bit cloudy. :eek:

Now with the new mesh, at the moment, I’m not too worried about the finish and smoothness of my back end, but as far as topology, How’s it looking?

Minor update: Added headlight placement, as well a some inside of the headlight housing. I do not plan to take this further until the body topology is worked out. I got bored :slight_smile: Blend updated. Sorry for crappy renders, done in 2.5 to save time OSA apparently wasn’t high enough.

How’s it look???

Are my gaps too big? (seams between panels/headlights)

Thank you


blender3.5.blend (439 KB)

Yeah. I can see the improvements there. The fin has a connection that requires 5. At first glance. But you can also do it in a quad if you move the 5 point off. Just depends. If it looks good, leave it. As long as you don’t have 6 or more. Sometimes a 5 placed on an edge like that can make it sharp and if it renders OK leave it. But if it is causing problems you can work with it. Let me know and I’ll give you more info as needed.

**Updated .blend in first post!
I think I’m going to call it good with the topology on the body, unless somebody sees something serious. I think it rendered rather well. I do plan on refining details. For instance I am aware the windows and window detail has been neglected. I will get to this eventually.
@Richard: I’ve decided to leave the fin with a 5 pt, until proves problematic.

I’ve also modeled tires. I am using a public texture available from cg-cars forum compliments of “exidge”. There appears to be some faces I left inside the mesh which is causing some unwanted pinches and bumps in the tread. Please see picture. I’m not extremely satisfied with the tire. Does anybody have any suggestions??? I would love to add dirt to the tread. I’ve stumbled across some explanations on how to this using a stencil texture I believe??? But with no exprience I cannot predict how successful I will be. If anybody has had an experience with stencil textures, please cut in now.

I haven’t rendered anything aside from a few tests with yafaray so I would like to render this project in yafaray. Unfortunately with my lack of experience with this plug-in, progress is slow, but existent. I’m pretty impressed with yafa so far. I was skeptical at first, but its fast and can provide much more realistic results with little work.

Below are a few tests done with Yafas basic materials. The headlight glass is using the shinydiffuse with .95 transparency. when I tried to use the Glass material, everything behind it would render black (yes I have transparent shadows on) Tests done in red and yellow, completely undecided on color of car. It may end up being a completely different color. I love black, but I have a feeling black will cause problems with lighting. Maybe not though?

One render with black bg to show reflections. 2 same views, diff colors

Currently lit with 3 area lights and 4 spot lights. However the 4 spot lights where just left from my blender internal set-up. Spot lights seems to have very little effect on my renders. image with black bg was only lit with one area light unfortunaltey.

Now to the pictures

Comments Crits greatly appreciated. Updated .blend in first post! :slight_smile:

P.S. The .blend is set up for an HDRI. I obviously havent packed the HDRI image into the .blend (the one I’m using is about 80mb), but if anybody can please explain with my HDRI doesn’t function properly in yafa I’d appreciate it. Right now with the HDRI it wont reflect on the car, only change the background (in yafa).

Its set up in Blender Textures with AngMap effecting the Hori
and I’ve enabled IMB from Yafa, Any help?


No replies?

Anyway, update.

This render was done in Blender internal

I’ve started an environment. thinking maybe an autumn scene with a dirt road. Here’s a little something I’ve made after following tuts around. But I love the vibrance of the image! :slight_smile:

The .blend is too big to post on blender with the environment. If there is a demand to see the. blend with environment, ask me and I will try to find a spot to upload it. :slight_smile:

What do you think?


Update. Rim modeled and tire re-textured. This current render was done in Blender Internal, I’m currently rendering with yafa as well and will post as soon as I can.
Comments and Crits welcome.

This rim was difficult to model because it is a 9 spoke rim with a 5 lug pattern, therefore impossible to have a symmetrical mesh. I modeled the lugs and spokes separate and then welded together afterwards.



hi tdietz87,

works fine for me with yafa so no idea why it doesn’t on your pc.

any way, nice model so far!



Long time no update, been busy! however progress has been made! Here r some new pics!

Here is a video. Only with Ambient Occlusion, a 3d rotation to show detail. Please visit link below.

Pics and Video only Ambient Occlusion.


Some material tests. Notice headlights, car, and thats carbon fiber on the side vent panel. Not sure about any of it. Any opinions?

Like white or black better?


Personally I like the white body better because it shows more detail and contrasts the wheels, grill etc.
This is a great model :slight_smile: I’m a noob at blender, what did you model this from? Did you do it freehand or did you use ref. images?

great model!

the reflections show some errors in some points, but just details :slight_smile:

great !

the black is better, IMO, but you need some better reflections (bright emitting planes around it, or something like that)

@aaron11193 I used reference images. If you want, I could zip them or post them individually if you want to see. However, the blue prints I used are the same quality of the ones found at the

@MmAaXx Thanks for the compliment! :slight_smile: Yea, I’m hoping the next video will better show reflections so we can pin point which surfaces really have errors.

@spacetug Appreciate the input. Yea, I’ve been fooling around with some reflections, but I am new at that unfortunately, and my reflections never end up in the right spot. Not to mention horrendous render times. Anybody with a good reflections on a car tut that would be great! But for the final video and picture renders I plan on definatley using some reflections.

New Headlights. I like them a lot better. The old ones were also missing the vertical light on the headlights. I can turn the HID bulb on or off. The blue light is made by 2 glass spheres, the one in the center set with an emit value. When I turn that off the bulbs remain dark, but still have the glass gloss. I’ll post those pics later. Tire texture improved as well as tire lighting. (layered lighting used here to battle the ambient occlusion I’m still using) Unfortunatley the tires normal map of the brand of tire is reversed, Currently because the tires only render properly from the right side of the car. Another mirror issue I’m sure will resolve itself when I’m closer to being finished.

I’ve also started an interior. However It isn’t polished up enough to post pictures. I will update with new pics soon. Until then Comments and Crits welcome!


:slight_smile: Comments Crits?


We got em red, got em blue, got em yellow, got em in my first backdrop picture

What do you think?

Comments Crits?

Keep it black or white, or add some color?

Notice the headlights in the yellow render. Better with the yellow/amber part of the headlight “on” or “off”???

Finally managed to get this color, exact set up is STILL using only Ambient Occlusion approximate and is keeping my render times under 4 min at 1200 pixel wide. As soon as I start adding in my lights, renders start gettiing slow. For the final renders (stills) I may have some lights, but for the video, this Ambient Occlusion looks pretty good and keeps my renders very reasonable.

@space tug I know its not much, but there are reflections on all 4 images from the ground, the last one obviosuly has a bit more.

I’m thinking of posting the backdrop for a finished render, after a few more tweaks. Dirt on the tires and paint.


the renders just seem a bit dull, lacking in contrast and pop.
i took the one with the background, and made it look nasty/grungy a bit.
the vignetting job is pretty bad, but you get the idea…

i actually liked the super-saturated one with the grass and all–would you mind tossing it in that scene, with the various materials? (white, black, orange)

Appreciate the quick response. I’ll get to work on it, probably be a few days before I post it due to my lack of internet access to the internet.

Thats some pretty cool effects you’ve added to the render! Like it. I’m very new when it comes to photoshop “coloring” if that makes sense. I’m so new I haven’t really done it before :slight_smile:

I’ll work on the pop and wow effect and throwing some of those colored materials in the Vibrant scene.